Trampoline Parks May Eventually Eclipse Football, Hockey When It Comes to Youth Concussions

You think football poses a risk of concussion to kids? There may be a more insidious risk in your backyard — literally.

A Fox television affiliate in Cincinnati, Fox 19, broadcast a report last week on the danger of trampolines. While experts aren’t calling for the removal of backyard trampolines at the moment, they are suggesting great caution when it comes to allowing children to attend trampoline parks, such as Sky Zone or Jump Street.xemenia and jacob 660_pe

“An orthopedic surgeon’s nightmare. They look crazy. I would be very hesitant about letting my children partake in those,” Dr. Chuck Kelly, a pediatrician, told the station. “The ones we really worry about are the neurological injuries—concussions, spinal cord injuries, things like that.”

Kelly added that the problem is that “there’s too much energy and kids land wrong and it’s just begging for injuries.”

FOX19 said it received the following statement from Sky Zone CEO Jeff Platt: “As with any recreational activity, there is a potential for injury, so Sky Zone has posted warning signs and guidelines to educate guests on how to fly safe.  Additionally, we have safety videos playing throughout the park and have court monitors that strictly enforce our rules on each trampoline court. We encourage all guests to have fun and fly safe.”

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