Are Concussions Overhyped? Two MDs Think So

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Are Concussions Overhyped? Two MDs Think So

“As a Man Thinketh, So Shall he be.”

The words of James Allen resonate with a couple of physicians north of the border.

Dr. Neil Craton and Dr. Oliver Leslie, both out of Winnipeg, wrote an article in the current edition of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, which suggests a misdiagnosis of the concussions, and the role that a patient’s belief that he or she has a concussion may play.6667164697_6fea5c1acc_z

They pointed specifically at the role of the media.

“It’s crazy. I think people are being harmed by the hype,” Craton, a physician for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who has practiced sports medicine for 24 years and emergency medicine for six, told the Winnipeg Free Press.

“It’s a good-prognosis condition. There’s very little evidence of a bad prognosis for this condition. We need not fear. It’s like, relax. Take the tone down a little bit.”

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