Insurance Lawyer talks Concussions and Disability Policies

Frank N. Darras of DarrasLaw, who proclaims himself “America’s Top Insurance Lawyer,” recently issued a press release in which he talked about the rise in concussions and why professional athletes need to confirm “the value of (their) disability policy.”

“Concussions have become more and more worrisome in the world of professional sports as the rate of injury seems to increase every year. They also have a long-lasting effect even after an athlete has retired from sports,” according to Darras.

“Major League Baseball has implemented protocols in recent years regarding concussions,” he continued. “They are designed to keep players from returning to the game too early and causing more serious injuries. The risk of a disabling injury can hardly be ignored after such a close call. As a result, each and every one of these players should take a good, hard look at their disability insurance policies and make sure they’re covered for a concussion or any other injury they may face while playing the game.”

Darras added that such “policies are extremely important in sports with the risk of injuries being so high.”

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