College Athletes Say ‘Protocol’ Is the Issue

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College Athletes Say ‘Protocol’ Is the Issue

In a lengthy story that appeared in the University of Richmond student newspaper, one current student athlete and another who just finished his eligibility and has hopes of playing in the NFL discussed what they believe to be an integral part of the concussion problem.

Ben Edwards, who was the school’s senior wide receiver in 2013, and Michael Strauss,who will be the starting quarterback, discussed “protocol” as the main issue.

“The protocol is the problem,” Edwards told the paper. “There are around 20 broad symptoms that are very vague: trouble sleeping, headaches, fatigue. I’m tired every day but it has nothing to do with my head.”

Both men told the paper that they know when they have suffered a real concussion. Strauss pointed to incident in the fall when he took a hard hit..

“My first thought was to make sure I didn’t stand near a trainer or give a coach the chance to ask if I was OK,” he told the paper..