American Football Coaches Association Said to be Considering Practice Limits

The powers that be in the American Football Coaches Association is reportedly considering recommending to its members that they limit full-padded practices to twice a week during the season. quoted Grant Teaff as saying, however, that “nobody at this point has attempted to make this  legislation.”

The article went on to quote AFCA Trustee Craig Bohl, the Wyoming coach, as saying: “We want to make sure the perception is that the rest of the country understands these coaches are being proactive. It’s not the Oklahoma Drill every day. It’s not the Junction Boys. We don’t have our arms wrapped around it yet.”

It also quoted  trustee Tommy Tuberville, the Cincinnati coach, as saying “perception” in important. “We want you guys  (media) to put it down where people can read it and say, ‘Look, they’re doing something about it.'”

The full article can be seen here:

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