Hockey Player Sues Opponent, Referees After Suffering a Concussion

(Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from the recent Concussion Litigation Reporter)

A Canadian man who suffered a concussion while competing in a game in a no-contact hockey league has sued the opposing player who caused the injury as well as the two referees who worked the game.

The plaintiff was playing for the New Age Drilling Warriors in a game against the Murphy Built Southern Lakes on Oct. 22, 2012. the plaintiff alleged that the game, right from the start, was “aggressive, heated and chippy,” and that the referees did little to control it. In the second period, the plaintiff became entangled with an opposing player, the defendant, who allegedly checked him, sending him sprawling to the ice.

The plaintiff claimed he suffered a traumatic brain injury, soft-tissue damage to the neck and back, and psychological injuries, including problems with his memory, depression and anxiety. Because of the injury, both his earning capacity and “enjoyment of life” are diminished, according to the complaint.

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