More Momentum for Banning Headers in Youth Soccer

Add Brandi Chastain, a member of the United States National Soccer Team from 1988-2004, to a growing collection of voices who believe headers should at least be discouraged in youth soccer.

Chastain was interviewed by a Website called Only a Game when she was asked about the topic.

“Well, having grown up in soccer and having done a lot of heading in my career, I’m now working with the Institute of Sports Law and Ethics at Santa Clara University and the Sports Legacy Institute in Boston, and I’ve come to realize that heading the ball as a youngster is not really something that we should encourage.

“The repetitiveness of heading can potentially cause some injury. Heading is something that an older, more mature player can physically handle and doesn’t need to be taught when our kids are under 14.”

The full article, including her insight on how to handle heading with high-level players, who may fall behind, can be found here:


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