ACC Commissioner Endorses NCAA Recommendations to Limit Live Contact

Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford has expressed support for the NCAA recommendations to limit live contact during in-season football practice to two days per week.

And it doesn’t end there as he announced earlier this week that the ACC is teaming with USA Football and others to endorse the Heads Up Football initiative.

“The last thing you want to see is someone damaged for life or hurt badly because of the game,” Swofford told the media. “That’s inevitable to some degree due to the nature of the sport, but anything that can be alleviated there, I think we need to do it, for the safety of the people playing it first and foremost, and for the game itself and its future.

“The game needs to be kept as safe as possible in order for the game to retain its popularity, and for people to want to play the game, and for moms and dads to want their sons to play the game.”


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