Football Association’s Lead Doctor Sounds Alarm about Concussions and the Risk to Professional Soccer Clubs

In an exclusive interview with The Mail, Dr. Ian Beasley, who heads the Football Association’s medical team, talked about the concussion crisis and what it could means for soccer clubs.

“Clubs need to be aware that if they make mistakes and something tragic happens to a player after their manager has over-ruled the medic then it’s the club and the manager who become liable,” Dr Beasley told the paper.

“For smaller clubs that could break them financially. We have to make sure they understand what the consequences are.

“What we have to point out to clubs is that if your staff start over-ruling medical staff it may not be next year or the year after, but there are going to be difficulties. In 10 or 15 years if a player comes back and says: ‘I’ve got long-term brain damage because of this [concussion mismanagement]’ then it’s going to be extremely difficult. It will get hauled through the courts and there will be a lot of bad publicity. The clubs will suffer one way or the other. We need to make sure they understand that.

“When you’ve got precedent of a tsunami [the NFL pay out] coming your way the best thing to do is to build your defense properly so you can withstand the tsunami. Because it could come our way there is absolutely no doubt in my mind about that.”

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