Concussions Plaguing College Cheerleader

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Concussions Plaguing College Cheerleader

A Youngstown State University cheerleader is battling repeated concussions.

Jeri Wethli, a sophomore, elaborated on her journey to an Ohio news outlet.

“At first I kind of tried to play it off and pretend like it didn’t happen,” Wethli told The Vindicator about her first concussion. “I was at work, and I wasn’t feeling well — like I was dizzy. I had a really bad headache. I couldn’t see straight. So I knew I had a concussion.”

A second concussion forced her to hang up her uniform for the rest of the year.

After getting her diagnosis, Wethli said she “didn’t think or speak the entire ride back to Youngstown. Everything was blank. It was one of those drives when you get to your destination and don’t remember the entire drive there.”

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