NFL’s Chief Marketing Officer Talks Concussions

The Wall Street Journal blog, CMO Today, recently interviewed Mark Waller, who for the past five years has been the chief marketing officer of the NFL. One of the questions centered on how the league deals with concerns about concussions, especially with regard to children.2012-12-16 11.24.44

“It’s no different than any other product, or category, or sport, or anything else,” Waller said. “There’s a set of consumer and environmental issues that you have to deal with and take into consideration. We spend an inordinate amount of time on youth football development and “heads up” football and how to teach kids to play the game better and safer. We spend a huge amount of time thinking through their mothers and how best to make sure mothers have the information to decide [if] they should let their kids play football, and what are the risks and rewards of doing that. We spend a lot of time on the rewards side of football: the values, teamwork, hard work, integrity, and depending on other people. I wouldn’t want to lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day, 70 percent of the population of this country loves football.”

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