Attorney Couple Profiled for their Work with Brain Injuries

Michael Kaplen,and Shana De Caro recently got some well-deserved publicity for their firm’s work in the brain injury law field in a local newspaper.

In an interview, Kaplen, who teaches a course in brain injury law at George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C., described what fueled their passion for helping such people: Just because brain injury victims appear to be healed, doesn’t mean they are.

The victims “went back to work and they had a whole host of different problems that weren’t apparent until they started to use their brains,” he said. “They couldn’t do the normal day-to-day things. This is an injury that you can’t see just by looking at someone.”

The article also mentioned how De Caro and Kaplen consult with other attorneys in cases where clients have suffered traumatic brain injuries, such as the current class-action litigation pitting the National Football League against its former players.

In fact, the duo wrote a piece for the National Law Journal, where they suggested: “This latest proposal purports to generously provide financial stability for players with traumatic brain injury, but a closer look reveals a systematic design to exclude most players from participation and to reduce payments to the small group who meet arbitrary criteria.”

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