Insurer that Paid Disability Claim to Former NFL Player, Now Claims Fraud

(Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from an article in Concussion Litigation Reporter. For more details and the full story, please subscribe to CLR.)

A California insurance company has sued a former National Football League player, claiming that the player fabricated injuries, such as a concussion, while leading an active lifestyle.

The origins of the dispute extend back to 2010 when the player filed a workers’ compensation claim for injuries he suffered during his career as a professional football player.

The physicians who examined him determined that he was 89 percent disabled. The player allegedly said he had difficulty with his usual work activities, hobbies and recreational activities. He further claimed that he could not sit for more than two hours at a time, according to the suit. The insurance company awarded him a 6-figure settlement.

All that changed when the company learned that the player was allegedly feigning injury, and not disabled as he claimed.

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