Holland & Knight Attorneys Examine ‘An Ordinance Creating a College Athlete Head Injury Gameday Safety Protocol’

Two Boston attorneys from the law firm of Holland & Knight, David J. Santeusanio and Miriam McKendall, have examined that city’s “Ordinance Creating a College Athlete Head Injury Gameday Safety Protocol.”

What follows is a passage from the article, which also examines other aspects of student-athlete rights in Boston:

“The Gameday Safety Ordinance applies to any four-year college or university that maintains an intercollegiate athletic program (regardless of domicile) that participates in an NCAA athletic event located in any part of the city of Boston. Section 4 of the Gameday Safety Ordinance provides that:

To see the full article, visit: http://www.hklaw.com/publications/boston-ordinances-proposed-to-address-student-athlete-safety-and-scholarships-10-15-2014/

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