Kevin Turner Releases Statement Urging Settlement

Our good friend and attorney Joseph Hanna of Goldberg Segalla reported in his blog today that “just before the fairness hearing before the U.S. District Court Judge Anita Brody in Pennsylvania about the NFL Concussion Settlement, Kevin Turner, a former running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, released a statement urging the retired player plaintiffs and families to agree to the settlement offer.

“Stressing that ‘what matters now is time,’Turner expressed that he was ‘personally comforted by the knowledge that the compensation program is uncapped and guaranteed to be there for all retired players, especially for those who do not know they are going to need it.’ He added, ‘this settlement will provide the benefits we need to take care of our families and have the best quality of life we are able to have. And the sooner the agreement is approved and its benefits begin to flow, the bigger the difference it will make in the lives of those who are hurting.’

“During tomorrow’s hearing, the lawyers representing some former players and their families are expected to argue why they believe the settlement offer is unfair, unreasonable, or arbitrary. This would be the last opportunity for them to block the deal before final approval is given for the settlement to go forward.”

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