LA Galaxy Soccer Player Retires Because of Concussions

The LA Galaxy announced yesterday that forward Rob Friend has retired from professional soccer after multiple concussions.

In a story on the team’s Website, Friend, 33, said his “injury troubles began in July following the club’s friendly with Manchester United in what he described as a ‘freak accident’ that occurred when a ball struck him in the forehead during training when he wasn’t looking.  Since the injury, which he believes was only made worse due to repeated head injuries during his decade-long career; Friend has tried to make a recovery, but fallen short each time.

“‘I made a few attempts at a comeback, but it’s my body telling me that I’ve taken one too many hits to the head. I’m still struggling with a few symptoms and a lot of headaches. It’s a combination of that it is not worth it to maybe take one more hit,’ Friend said. ‘I have to make that decision for myself and my family. I have hopefully a very long life ahead of me and I need to be a good father and a good husband to take care of my family. I don’t ever want to go through what I’ve been through with this concussion again.'”


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