Triax Technologies and Washington Youth Soccer Champion Head Impact Monitoring

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Triax Technologies and Washington Youth Soccer Champion Head Impact Monitoring

Triax Technologies Inc and Washington Youth Soccer have announced a long-term partnership to track and assess head impacts among top level youth players. Findings from the large scale collection of data will be used to identify trends and potential risks to inform training protocols, which will be publically shared to encourage best practices.

Players from the Washington Youth Soccer Elite Player Development (EPD) program (U12-U18) will wear the Triax Technologies Smart Impact Monitors (SIM™) as they compete in the prestigious US Youth Soccer Region IV Olympic Development Program (ODP) Championships January 8–11 in Phoenix, AZ, and will continue throughout their careers with Washington Youth Soccer.

Triax SIM™ devices are worn in comfortable, unobtrusive headbands to record head impacts, and transmit data in real time from the field to a smart phone or tablet on the sideline. This cutting edge technology allows players to track up to 180 individual head impacts measuring the G–force of direct hits and jarring through linear and rotational measures.

The SIM allows coaches, trainers and parents to identify when a player has experienced a significant head impact or a series of repetitive “sub–concussive” hits that might require altering technique or removal from play for assessment.

“After my recent visit with some of the Washington players, it’s exciting to see the state EDP program taking this important step in safety,” said Abby Wambach, U.S. Women’s National Team and all-time high-goal scorer. “I encourage these players to use the Triax SIM in their training beyond this tournament, just as I am doing in my own training heading into this summer’s World Cup.”

The first device of its kind to be Hit Count® certified in all sports categories as defined by the Sports Legacy Institute, Triax SIM devices are currently being used or evaluated for use with 18 institutions and universities around the country as part of various research projects. These studies will help to better understand sports related concussions and the impact of sub–concussive hits. And now, the data from the Washington Youth Soccer players will add to the new and emerging learnings about head impacts, and will be specifically used to educate players and coaches.

“The benefits gained from this partnership will continue far beyond the tournament,” said Dale Hollingsworth, CEO and Founder of Triax Technologies. “Our goal is to improve player safety. And now, with Washington Youth Soccer, we are championing new research that will lead to safer training and more informed decision-making.”

Abby Wambach Encouraging Young Players

Abby Wambach Encouraging Young Players

The Washington Youth Soccer EPD players began wearing the Triax SIM devices during trainings leading into the US Youth Soccer Region IV ODP Championships, where the top players from each Western state will compete. The players will continue to wear the devices in competition throughout the event and in trainings and future competitions. In addition to providing valuable information on the players during play, the SIM data gathered from these players will also be used to evaluate trends and glean lessons to foster better understanding of head impact risk and management.

“For the last seven years, Washington Youth Soccer has been driving change in how head impacts are regarded by our nation’s youth sports communities. Now, with the new ability to accurately quantify impacts, we are able to help define where adjustments could be made to play or technique for player safety,” states Washington Youth Soccer CEO, Terry Fisher. “We are committed to providing young athletes with the safest environment possible and look forward to seeing the findings these data will provide.”

Washington Youth Soccer has been a leader in implementing proper concussion protocols and awareness, driving adoption throughout US Youth Soccer, and building support at the congressional level. This partnership with Triax Technologies is a natural extension of the organizations ongoing commitment to player safety. For more information on Triax Technologies, visit