Former High School Football Player Sues over Return to Play Decision

(Editor’s Note: What follows is a brief excerpt from an article that appeared in the January Concussion Litigation Reporter. To read the full story and get the complaint, please subscribe.)

A former high school football player, who allegedly suffered at least two concussions while playing high school football, has sued the school district and two of the school’s coaches in state court, claiming they pressured him to continue practicing and playing despite still suffering the effects of a concussion.

The plaintiff is seeking punitive damages, interest accrued on expenses since the alleged injuries, attorney fees and court costs from the defendants.

He claimed that he suffered the first concussion in practice in 2012. Afterward, the team’s athletic trainer examined him and allegedly found that he displayed signs of concussion and a neck injury. However, the coaches told him to resume practice a few days later, according to the complaint. Less than a month after the original injury, he suffered another head injury in a football game, while participating on a kickoff return team.

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