Concussions and the Unpredictable Nature of Recovery Time

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Concussions and the Unpredictable Nature of Recovery Time

Concussions affect athletes differently.

Its one of challenging truisms about the medical condition.

Witness Oakland Raiders middle linebacker Nick Roach. he missed the entire 2014 season after suffering a concussion in a preseason game. And he is still having headaches.

Will he return to the field next season?IM000072.JPG

General manager Reggie McKenzie was non-committal in comments at the NFL this week.

“That decision is up to Nick and the medical staff,” he said. “I am not going to rush him to play when mentally he’s not ready.”

Roach has said publicly that he has had “two or three” other concussions in the past.

“You have got to start looking out for the player,” McKenzie said. “As much as we’d love him to be our signal caller on defense, I don’t want to risk lifelong injury if he goes out there. Especially if he has any, not discomfort, but any type of feeling within him that something’s not right. And for it to last this long is not a good thing.”