TCU Officials Have a Beef with Concussion Policy

Various officials at Texas Christian University have a problem with the new concussion protocols being bandied about by the NCAA and Big 12 Conference.

Gretchen Bouton, TCU’s Senior Associate Athletics Director for Compliance and Student Services, told that “you don’t want to vote against concussion legislation, because it looks like you’re against concussion management and that’s not what it is. We wanted to table it,” she said. “And we wanted a committee to re-evaluate what the legislation was and propose something that was meaningful, not just PR, that had teeth and was legal.”1-IMG_1890 (2)

Dr. Michele Kirk, a team physician at TCU, focused specifically on the fact that it doesn’t mandate universal equipment.

“That’s one of our issues with the policy currently is it doesn’t give a lot of teeth to anything,” Kirk told the media outlet. “It’s a huge PR stunt in our opinion and it doesn’t give a lot of teeth to anything, because nobody’s going to be using the same equipment to measure so we feel like that puts us at risk.”

Kirk also speculated that the lack on a universal equipment mandate may lead to more legal exposure.

“You’re going to have to defend why you chose what you chose,” she said. “I think if we were all using similar things, that puts you at less risk legally.”

At the same time, the fact that there are so many choices when it comes to equipment and so much of it is unproven would make it difficult for a conference to endorse specific equipment.

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