Class-Action Plaintiffs Respond to FIFA’s Attempt to Dismiss their Concussion Lawsuit

Concussion Litigation Reporter — April 2015

The plaintiffs in Mehr v. Fèdèration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), didn’t mince words in responding to FIFA’s motion to dismiss their 2014 lawsuit.

The current and former soccer players re-affirmed their position that FIFA’s approach to managing the concussion problem is a “scattershot, piecemeal and ineffective approach to critical health and safety issues,” or exactly “what has led to the defendants’ woefully inadequate management of youth concussions.”

The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit in 2014 against FIFA as well as the U.S. Youth Soccer and American Youth Soccer leagues. The leagues are responsible for over three million child and adolescent soccer players in the United States.

They alleged that the defendants …

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