Federal Judge Denies NHL’s Motion to Dismiss Concussion Suit

(Editor’s Note: Below is excerpt from the April Issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter. For more, please subscribe to the newsletter.)

A federal judge from the Northern District of Minnesota denied the National Hockey League’s motion to dismiss a concussion injury lawsuit brought against the league by six former league players.

The plaintiffs, who seek to represent a class of living and deceased former NHL players who suffered concussions or repeated sub-concussive injuries while playing in the NHL, are Dan LaCouture, Michael Peluso, Gary Leeman, Bernie Nicholls, David Christian, and Reed Larson.

In filing their claim last year, the plaintiffs alleged that the NHL was responsible for “the pathological and debilitating effects of brain injuries caused by concussive and sub-concussive impacts sustained . . . during their professional careers.”

Critical to the plaintiffs’ claim was …

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