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American Athletic Conference Announces New Concussion Policy

The athletic directors of the American Athletic Conference unanimously approved adoption of a new Concussion Management Policy this week at their annual meeting in Key Biscayne, Florida. The policy will take effect at the beginning of the 2015-16 academic year, and will be applied to student-athletes competing in all 21 sports sponsored by the Conference.

The current policy was crafted by a panel of experts in their fields from across The American, including sports medicine physicians, certified athletic trainers, head coaches in football, men’s and women’s soccer, and athletic administrators.

“This policy was developed to serve the best interests of student-athlete welfare,” said Commissioner Mike Aresco.  “We asked a group of extremely knowledgeable, well-respected and capable experts to study this issue and draft a policy that creates the best health and safety protocol.  An important objective of the policy is providing for the education of all those who work with our student-athletes in any capacity on the issues surrounding concussions.”

The new American Athletic Conference policy encompasses the protocol in the NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook and includes additional provisions to ensure the student-athlete’s safe and successful return to activity and return to learn.  The additional measures are designed to enlist comprehensive institutional and Conference support. In addition to the staff education requirements, each member institution is required to annually submit to the Conference office an Emergency Action Plan for each campus competition facility. These plans will be in effect for all activities in those facilities, and will apply to home and visiting student-athletes at all times.

Although applicable to all sports, the Concussion Management Policy includes additional football-specific requirements, including annual concussion education for all on-field league officials, a written sideline communication plan for the game day medical staff, and a day-of-game in-person meeting between the on-duty EMTs and team medical staff.

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LAX Goaltender Announces Reitrement, Citing Concussions

After seven seasons, Vancouver Stealth goaltender Tyler Richards announced his retirement from the game of lacrosse. All of his seven seasons in the National Lacrosse League were spent with the Stealth organization.

The 28 year old noted in a press release that he feels “very blessed to play with so many great players. Thank you to all who have been a part of my career both as teammates, coaches or management. I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter.”file000726425941

In a subsequent tweet, he wrote: “Unfortunately after multiple concussions I have to make the best decision for my health long term.”

Stealth President and General Manager Doug Locker added that “while it is very difficult to see him retire, we respect and support his decision, and are thankful for all that he has done for the Stealth organization over his extremely successful career.”

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‘Head Contusion,’ But Not a Concussion for Curry … OK

Did Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors suffer a concussion in that horrific fall on his back and neck last night in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals?

We may never know the real truth.

What we do know is that Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Curry did not have a concussion. “If he did, he wouldn’t have played,” he told the media. “That’s a pretty hard line.”

The Warriors, like other teams, test for “brain function, via a neurological and cognitive assessment,” after a suspected concussion. The results of this are supposed to be compared to a baseline test taken during the pre-season.

The point is, basketball is not like football, or even soccer, where the risk of second-impact syndrome is significant for a concussed athlete. Therefore, the return-to-play options for a superstar basketball player may not be as stringent as for other sports.

The Warriors ultimately said Curry suffered a “head contusion.”

Regardless of what was the real diagnosis, Curry should have never returned to the game as he did last night. It was not worth the risk.

You be the judge. Here’s the video:

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