Connecticut Quarterback, State Representative Team Up to Push Concussion Litigation

House Rep. Diana Urban held a press conference recently with former starting quarterback for the UConn football team, Casey Cochran, to advocate their support of HB 6722. The bill aims to reduce the number of concussions in youth sports in Connecticut by requiring coaches to make information regarding concussions available to every child participant and his or her parent or guardian.

Just last year, Cochran announced that he was retiring from college football due to multiple concussions he sustained throughout his athletic career.

“We are so grateful to have Casey Cochran supporting the movement to reduce concussions in youth athletics. Casey is the perfect spokesperson because he embodies the message that one can be concerned about the dangers of concussions and still maintain a deep love for the game of football. I am so happy to have him in Hartford supporting HB 6722 and I hope my colleagues will join him in supporting this important child safety legislation,” said Rep. Urban.

“I believe that this type of legislation is completely necessary for the safety and wellbeing of all youth athletes. Sports are extremely beneficial for children, but it needs to be understood that injury coincides with being an athlete. Concussions are and should be considered the most dangerous type of injury a young athlete may encounter. Parents, coaches and the young athletes themselves should be fully aware of the possible danger that may result from concussions. This type of law is not made to scare anyone away from sports, but is instead best suited to help keep our youth safe,” Casey Cochran said.

Rep. Urban spoke to WTNH the morning of the press conference about why this legislation is so important and why Casey’s story must be told. Watch the video.

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