Liability Leads School District to Ponder Switching from Chiropractor to ‘Certified Trainer’

(Editor’s note: What follows is a briieif summary of an article in the latest issues of Concussion Litigation Reporter)

A school district in the Midwestern United States will stay with a chiropractor, instead of moving to a certified athletic trainer, even though the state’s high school activities association has strongly recommended districts employ a certified athletic trainer, primarily to address the concussion issue.

Back in January, the district first noted that it was considering the possibility of hiring a trainer.

There are some liability concerns, according to the superintendent. He added that he needed to re-evaluate services provided as well as that liability.

He elaboratedm boting that there’s liability in severe cases. This could come into play in a “crisis-type” situation, where a player suffers a severe concussion. If the district did not provide proper and/or immediate care, which could have been delivered by a certified athletic trainer as the association recommended, will the district be liable?

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