Another Former NFL Player Says Pot Use Up Among Players, in Part to Treat Concussions

Another former NFL player has spoken out on the issue of Marijuana use among players in the NFL.

Former Atlanta Falcon Jamal Anderson told Mike Freeman, the lead NFL writer for Beacher Report the following about the prevalence of pot use.

“It’s at least 60 percent now,” Anderson said. “That’s bare minimum. That’s because players today don’t believe in the stigma that older people associate with smoking it. To the younger guys in the league now, smoking weed is a normal thing, like having a beer. Plus, they know that smoking it helps them with the concussions.”

Freeman offered his own opinion on the matter:

“What’s clear is that numerous players smoke weed. Some because they like it. Some because it helps them deal with the rigors of football. Some because they believe marijuana helps ease the crushing and kaleidoscopic effects of concussions.”

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