ACC Commissioner John Swofford Discusses Conference’s Plan to Use Spotters

Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford discussed Tuesday in a press conference the ACC’s decision to use spotters in the press box at each football game to identify concussions.

“That medical observer will be there to observe players from their respective program,” said Swofford. “This team-specific medical observer will have benefit of knowing the medical history of the players because it will be someone who is involved with them on an ongoing and day-to-day basis. They will travel with the team and observe every game, home and away, conference and non-conference. And the medical observer will not have the authority to stop the game but will have the ability to communicate the medical staff that is on the sidelines.

“Each game that we play this fall, there will be two medical people in the booth, one from each school that will have the Seoul purpose of observing from on high, if you will, what’s taking place on the field that somebody on the sidelines might not be able to see. But that person will be able to do it in the context of knowing the players and their medical history, and we think that’s important and I commend our athletic directors for unanimously approving that yesterday.”

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