Official, Parent Talk about Why Football Program Was Disbanded

The New York Times is tracking the decision of the Maplewood Richmond Heights School Board earlier this summer to drop football at Maplewood Richmond Heights High School.1-IMG_1890 (2)

“Over all, it was, ‘Can we field a team that is competitive and safe for the kids to perform?’ ” Nelson Mitten, the president of the school board, told the Times. “Whenever you have anything like that, you have to be a responsible board and discuss what we can do to make sure we can field a team.”

The lack of interest is acute, according to a parent.

“The boys I’ve seen, they’re growing up with soccer,” Betty Pearson, whose oldest son played football at Maplewood but whose youngest son plays soccer, told the paper. “I come out, and there are 10 kids kicking the ball around in the street. I don’t think I’ve seen that with football.”

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