LISTEN UP! A Concussed Brain Has Not Healed Just Because There Are No Symptoms

A tragedy. Pure and simple.

I am not going to go in to great detail here because my spouse is friends with a mom whose high school-aged son was STAR flighted from a game last night after he came back too soon from a concussion and hit his head on the turf. I told my spouse to tell the mom that I have written about this topic for almost ten years and that he shouldn’t play, especially since he holds a commitment to play Division I football next year. But he played, and he was taken by helicopter to a trauma hospital.

I should have taken it upon myself to go see the mom this week and tell her to ignore the trainer, coach and her son, if they said he should play, and say no. Just say no. But I didn’t do that. I just told my spouse to tell her I was available to elaborate on why he should not play.

So EVERYONE who reads this, understand this. The biggest rule in concussions is to wait as long as possible after the symptoms have gone away. This is a sad morning.

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