Former NFL Players Continue to Push for Removal of Marijuana from Banned List

In what is rapidly beoming a question of when rather than if, the movement by former and current football players to have Marijuana removed from the banned drug list continues to pick up steam.2012-11-02 21.46.43

An article in The Guardian recently looked at the movement, quoting former player Nate Jackson as saying the following:

“I feel like I can speak about this because I’ve tried everything. I’ve shot up HGH [human growth hormone], done the injections, tried the pills, tried marijuana. It’s not that I’m this big marijuana guy, it just helped my body the most.”

The article goes on to talk about how ex-players are moving to states where medical Marijuana is legal to gain relief.

The rationale has scientific backing.

“A 2011 study by researchers at Washington University in St Louis found that former NFL players were four times more likely to abuse prescription painkillers than the general population,” according to the article. “And more than seven in 10 players who used pain medications during their playing days went on to abuse them.”

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