Concussion Legacy Foundation Goes for Shock Value with Video PSA

The Concussion Legacy Foundation, which has advocated for waiting to enroll children in tackle football until age 14, sought to drive its point home with a recent Video PSA.

Writes the Foundation:

“As evidence continues to mount regarding the dangers of the game, spreading this message is more important than ever.

“A study led by Boston University researchers published Monday in the Annals of Neurology concluded that the risk and severity of developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is not correlated to number of concussions, but is instead correlated with the number of years playing tackle football. The study shows any future high school, college or NFL player who starts tackle football at age 5 will have ten times the odds of developing CTE than if he had started at 14.

“Moreover, the link between tackle football and CTE may actually be stronger than the link between smoking and lung cancer. In light of this shocking discovery, we felt compelled to raise the stakes.

“In collaboration with health and wellness marketing agency Fingerpaint, we unveiled a new PSA today aimed at convincing parents to wait to allow their children to play tackle football until age 14. The “Tackle Can Wait” PSA drives home the message that youth tackle football is unacceptably dangerous for children.

“The new website features videos and interactive graphics to help explain this eye-opening research, which we believe every parent should be aware of”

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