California Youth Football Alliance & American Youth Football join forces to advance the California Youth Football Act

California Youth Football Alliance (CAYFA) and American Youth Football (AYF) have announced a partnership “to accelerate the enthusiastic adoption” of California Youth Football Act, AB1, “the first and leading youth tackle football safety standard in America,” which was signed into law this past year. This partnership will create “unique value” for the California youth football community.

“This new relationship is born out of consistency in goals and beliefs across the CAYFA and AYF,” according to a press release. “We are both committed to special attention to safety, respect for all kids, and equal opportunities for all. AYF applauds the CAYFA for securing the safest standards in America for our members in the California youth tackle football community. Together, we seek to co-create plans, partnerships and implementation assets for the upcoming 2020 season, so that we can maximize compliance for the 2021 season, when AB1 goes into effect.”

AB1, sponsored by the CAYFA, was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on July 31, 2019 and contains a comprehensive set of tackle football safety standards, tailored specifically for the youth community in California. These standards create and reinforce practices that enhance current local and national level requirements that will serve California’s youth tackle football community well.

“This partnership cements AYF’s support of CAYFA’s approach to improving young athletes’ safety while offering them the opportunity to participate in a sport they love,” according to the release.

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