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ImPACT Launches Passport, a Free Mobile App

ImPACT Applications, Inc. launched today ImPACT Passport™, a free mobile app, which enables anyone who has taken an ImPACT neurocognitive test to provide test results to health care professionals, record symptoms and locate a care provider.

The company said the app is “most useful for those with a Passport ID – a secure personal identification code assigned to each test taker at the completion of an ImPACT baseline test,” since providing the Passport ID to an “approved” healthcare professional grants the healthcare professional immediate access to testing data and symptom records.  Test takers will not have access to actual testing data.impact

“A Passport ID allows ImPACT test results to be mobile,” says Michael Wahlster, chief executive officer of ImPACT Applications. “If a concussion is suspected, an individual can use the Passport app to locate the nearest Passport Trained healthcare provider and give the provider immediate access to critical testing data by providing a Passport ID.  Passport revolutionizes the accessibility of ImPACT test data for both healthcare professionals and test takers.”

The Passport app is available for iOS and Android users.  The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Qualified medical professionals who complete free training will be designated Passport Trained and will be able to see anyone who has taken an ImPACT test, no matter where the baseline or post-injury test was administered.  There is no charge to become a Passport Trained provider.

To learn more about ImPACT Passport, visit www.impacttest.com/passport.

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Company Announces Partners Supporting Its Software Application

A Florida company announced today that a number of organizations and other entities are supporting the need for proper concussion education in sports by supporting the introduction of its software application.

PAR, Inc. said the following companies and organizations “have shown their commitment to concussion research and education by becoming PARtners: The Children’s National Medical Center, the Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, Safe Kids USA, MomsTeam, Xenith, Sports Legacy Institute, the Youth Football Coaches Association, and the Brain Injury Association of Maryland.”

The company says its application, called the Concussion Recognition & Response™, can help coaches and parents recognize whether an individual “is exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion. The app also features home symptom monitoring that can be e-mailed to a health care provider following a concussion; a return-to-play guide that protects children from further injury by easing their reintroduction to play; as well as home and school instructions that can be e-mailed to parents, teachers, or caregivers to share important information about how to recognize and respond to head injuries. The CRR app can help coaches to comply with state laws that mandate education, documentation, and progress monitoring in athletes with concussions.”

The application is available for purchase at the Apple® App Store (SM) and the Android Market. More information on the application or any of our PARtners, can be found at http://crr.parinc.com

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