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Latest Issue of Sports Medicine and the Law Hits the Stands, Tackling Key Issues Involving the Legal Side of Sports Medicine

Hackney Publications, the nation’s leading publisher of sports law periodicals, has announced that the Fall issue of Sports Medicine and the Law (SML), a quarterly electronic newsletter, has published. It features key stories about relevant topics involving the legal side of sports medicine.

SML, which is available on a complimentary basis, can be subscribed to at the site – https://sportsmedicinelaws.com/. The publication is sponsored by the nation’s leading firm in this area of law – Montgomery McCracken (https://www.mmwr.com/).

Among the articles in the latest issue are:

  • Potential Expansion of Athletic Programs’ Duty of Care and New Limitations to Waivers of Liability
  • Insurance Is Not Killing Football, Other Contact Sports — It’s Making Them Safer
  • Exercise As Punishment? Drop And Give Me 20 . . . Hundred Thousand Dollars
  • The Cover-Up Is Always Worse Than The Concussion
  • Sports Medicine and Sports Law Serve as the Foundation of Tulane’s Center of Sport and Its Unique Educational Model
  • Court: School District Shielded by Immunity in Concussion Case
  • DeMeco Ryans and a Career-Ending Injury: On to Arbitration!

“In less than a year, Sports Medicine and the Law has become the go-to resource for athletic trainers, doctors, attorneys and other risk management-minded professionals,” said Holt Hackney, the publication’s managing editor.

Steve Pachman of Montgomery McCracken

“We’re excited to be able to continue to provide this publication on a complimentary basis as a way to increase awareness about the legal side of the business.”

About Hackney Publications

Hackney Publications is the nation’s leading publisher of sports law periodicals. While some of the publications are supported by subscriptions, others are supported by advertising and sponsorship. The latter represents the most significant area of growth for Hackney Publications. Aside from Sports Medicine and the Law, the company also publishes newsletters with Jackson Lewis (Title IX Alert), Wilson Elser (Concussion Defense Reporter), and Skadden (eSports and the Law).

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CLE @ PNC PARK – Sports Concussion Litigation

The Pennsylvania Bar Institute and the Sports Lawyers Association are hosting a 3 hour crash course on concussion litigation on April 29, starting at 3 p.m., at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

The presentation will cover the anatomy of a concussion by a medical doctor and lessons from an attorney that filed the first lawsuits on behalf of NFL players ,and where the litigation currently stands. Attendees will also gain an understanding of the workers’ compensation issues involved in concussion injuries. Ethics will also be covered throughout the program.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to attend the baseball game that features the Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds, For more information, visit http://catalog.pbi.org/store/seminar/seminar.php?seminar=55416



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Athletic Trainers Step to the Podium in Shaping Concussion Laws

(What follows is a short excerpt from the March 2015 issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter)

Athletic trainers (AT) are increasingly being relied upon to provide insight and feedback into proposed concussion litigation.

Witness the presence of the New York State Athletic Trainers’ Association (NYSATA), whose representatives were recently invited to attend and provide expert testimony at the Youth Concussion and Sports Safety Hearing in New York City, where two introductory bills regarding youth sports safety for New York State were being considered.

Among the questions being addressed on that day were:

  • “Is it reasonable – and appropriate – to require appropriate medical coverage at youth football practices and games, and possible to do so without causing impossible financial burden on these programs?
  • “What other youth sports might be at high risk for concern and could also need similar safety provisions?”

These bills, if passed,  would mandate that a certified AT would be present at all youth football contact practices and a physician, likely alongside the AT, be present at all games, as well as set up a task force to investigate safety and injury concerns in all youth sports.

The aforementioned hearing was held jointly by the Committee on Health and the Committee on Education. Joining a long list of various medical professionals, researchers, school officials, and athletic personnel, NYSATA President, Aimee Brunelle, MS, ATC and NYSATA Region 1-Long Island Representative, James Pierre-Glaude, DPT, ATC, CSCS traveled to New York City to provide expert testimony about the qualifications of ATs, concussion management, and sports safety issues, including injury prevention and injury rates in contact sports. A NYSATA focus group also prepared a detailed written testimony to provide to the Committee members, which included some recommendations on how to improve the proposed legislation.

Based on NYSATA’s examination of the bills, Brunelle said that NYSATA is “pleased to see the interest demonstrated in … creating a safety task force to collect information and then make recommendations.”

NATA Maintains Proactive Stance on the National Level

State chapters of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) aren’t the only ones taking a proactive stance with regard to concussion laws. …

(Editor’s Note: For the rest of the story, subscribe to Concussion Litigation Reporter)

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