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Mackey’s Widow Asks for Help

In honor of my late husband John Mackey, I’ve started a fundraising campaign to help advance CTE research and concussion awareness. Our story is below. Please click here to donate.

John Mackey made a difference – in football, in business, and in life.

As a star tight end at Syracuse University, he quietly and peacefully made inroads into the discrimination that permeated society, building lifelong friendships that transcended ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds.

With the Baltimore Colts, John revolutionized the tight end position and was selected to the Pro Bowl five times, accomplishments that earned him a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and praise from Mike Ditka as “the greatest tight end to ever play the game”.
As the first president of the National Football League Players Association following the merger of the NFL and AFL, he fought for better pension and disability benefits for players, and gained the right to free agency that today’s NFL players still enjoy.

John’s advocacy efforts – his determination to give back – didn’t stop with the NFLPA or end with his NFL career.

He partnered with Jack Kemp to launch a non-profit that gave educational assistance to disadvantaged children. He actively supported the civil rights movement that changed the course of history. He reached out to others, whether it was to offer guidance on career choices or to advocate for recognition of an under-appreciated teammate.

That’s the kind of person John Mackey was.

Although dementia robbed John of his powerful voice, his private battle with the disease became the public face of the link between head trauma and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). He was the catalyst for the 88 Plan that provides financial assistance for those affected, for the advocacy and fundraising efforts of his Baltimore Colt teammates that helped so many former NFL players, and for my own involvement in the Concussion Legacy Foundation. When John died on July 6, 2011, the widespread media coverage focused as much on these later-in-life accomplishments as on any of his achievements earlier in life. Even in illness and in death, he changed the world.

That, I believe, is John Mackey’s greatest legacy.

Like my husband, I want to make a difference, and that’s why I’ve joined the Concussion Legacy Foundation’s My Legacy campaign. In honor of John’s #88 jersey, my goal is to raise $88,000 – that’s 1,000 people donating $88 each or any variation – to continue John’s and my legacy. The funds we raise will propel CTE research forward; help educate athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators; and create reform to ensure that future generations of athletes will play safer.

I hope you will consider contributing to John Mackey’s legacy, and regard such a donation as an expression of your own legacy. You can click here to contribute to the campaign, and please forward to friends who are touched or inspired by the legacy left by my husband John Mackey.

Thank you.
Sylvia Mackey
Mrs. #88

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New York Giants’ Donation May Help Blunt the Risk of Concussion in New York’s Public Schools

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week a $1.2 million donation to the city’s Public Schools Athletic League from New York Giants Chairman and Executive Vice President Steve Tisch.

The donation, made to the Fund for Public Schools, will provide 53 new certified trainers and EMTs to oversee all contact football practices at schools with varsity and junior varsity teams. As a result, nearly 3,500 high school football players will have trained personnel at their practices, helping avoid injuries, such as concussion and ensuring a swift response if a player is hurt on the field.

“For any parent, watching a child take the field is a proud moment, but no matter how old our kids get, we still worry about their safety,” said de Blasio. “This donation means thousands of our student-athletes will have extra support at practices to stay safe. We thank Steve Tisch for giving back and investing in the next generation of athletes.”

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