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Chiropractor Says Crainial Adjustments Have Been ‘Very Successful’ at Treating Concussions

Chiropractor Dr. Randy Snyder of Lifetime Health and Wellness in Colorado recently issued a press release in which he suggested that “chiropractic cranial adjustments have been very successful at alleviating concussions.”

“It’s hard to ignore the news about concussions in athletes and in injured troops, but that’s just one part of the whole story,” said Dr. Snyder. “Traumatic head injuries happen in car accidents, when kids fall on the playground—babies can even experience head trauma during a difficult birth. The skull has 22 bones that fit together like a puzzle and when they don’t fit together properly, the fluid around the brain doesn’t circulate efficiently, which can lead to everything from headaches and memory problems to depression and ADHD. Cranial adjustments can help restore balance and alleviate these problems for concussion patients.”

Dr. Snyder said that he uses a treatment called the Cranial Adjusting Turner Style, or “CATS” at his Westminster chiropractic center. He says that this technique moves the skull bones back into their optimal positions. During a CATS adjustment, he presses on specific points on the skull in order to realign the 22 bones, which he says also has a beneficial effect on alignment in the bones of the neck. According to Dr. Snyder, when the bones are aligned, the cerebrospinal fluid balances out, reducing stress on the brain and enabling the spinal cord and its nerves to better communicate with the rest of the body.

According to Dr. Snyder, people who have struggled with the consequences of concussions for years can find relief with this chiropractic cranial adjustment technique. He says that chronic headaches, ADHD, depression, learning and behavioral disabilities, brain fog, and other neurological disorders aggravated or caused by head injuries can be improved, and often alleviated, through CATS.

Dr. Snyder adds, “We have really seen some phenomenal results for concussion patients with this cranial adjustment. People who struggled for years with pounding headaches, who were unable to focus—even children on the autism spectrum—have experienced dramatic improvement with this technique in terms of mood, cognitive function and pain relief. There’s no reason anymore to just live with concussion consequences because CATS works, and it works very well.”

Westminster chiropractor Dr. Snyder is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians and has headed the Colorado Soccer Association’s Concussion Committee. More information is available on the chiropractor’s website at http://www.lthaw.com.


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Chiropractors Can Assess and Clear Concussed Student Athletes in Ohio

Chiropractors may soon be able to assess and clear student athletes who suffer concussions under legislation passed last week by the Ohio General Assembly, according to a report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The provision is embedded in Ohio’s “return to play” law, which requires that student athletes, who show signs of a concussion or head injury be removed from practice or competition until cleared by a physician.

“The law specifies only medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy and health professionals, including chiropractors working with those physicians, can assess athletes’ injuries and clear them to return to play,” according to the paper.

The Ohio State Chiropractic Association’s Nicholas Strata told the paper that chiropractors study neurology nearly as much as physicians and many receive additional training in sports medicine or neurology.

Furthermore, “in some parts of the state, specifically Southeast Ohio, there are a limited number of authorized practitioners to assess and clear an athlete,” he said. “This has the potential to encourage our youth athletes to mask or cover up their symptoms.”

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Concussion Health Announces Certification for Kansas Chiropractor

Concussion Health, an online provider of education and tools for concussion management, announced that Hubbard Chiropractic Clinic, Newton, KS, has been designated a “Concussion Health Certified Center,” following the clinic’s successful completion of their competency based certification program. This certification signifies what is a growing trend for clinics like Dr. Hubbard’s who recognize the need to provide enhanced concussion management.

Dr. Sean Hubbard, like others in his field, studies and researches the latest in treatment protocols, science, and technology. As an example, he recently implemented “the Humac Balance System to objectively help in the diagnosis of balance problems often associated with concussion.” Balance, as has been determined, “is one of the three assessment pillars, along with cognitive testing and a symptom checklist for making safe return-to-play decisions following a head injury.”

Said Dr. Hubbard about concussions in general, “We do not only use our knowledge of concussion on athletes. Playground accidents, slips, falls and motor vehicle collisions are leading causes of concussion. There is a big focus on athletics and the concussions that happen on the practice and game field, but I also want people to understand it is not just athletes that are getting concussions.”

“Hubbard Chiropractic Clinic exemplifies our shared goal of improving the healthcare outcomes of athletes and their families through the use of best practices,” said Bridgett Wallace, Concussion Health CEO and co-founder.  “As part of our commitment to our partners, we’ll provide the Hubbard Chiropractic Clinic staff members with a full year of clinical support.”

According to the CDC, this year, it’s expected that 1 in 10 athletes will experience a concussion. Also noteworthy, emergency room visits for most sports and recreation-related concussions (65%) involve youths, age 5–18.

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