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Cantu Takes Issue with the NCAA Settlement

Concussion Doctor Robert Cantu said in an interview over the last week that the settlements brokered with the NCAA does not go far enough, leaving many former college athletes without treatment for debilitating brain injuries. “I think it’s very unfortunate,” Cantu said in an interview with CBSSports.com. “Unfortunately, where it’s left is these individuals are going…
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Vanderbilt Gets Bitten by Concussion Bug

Its been a rough season for the Vanderbilt University basketball program. First, Deadspin chronicled an embarrassing off-the-field incident — http://deadspin.com/did-vanderbilt-try-to-kill-an-ex-hoops-players-tell-all-1654109411 More recently, the team has been beseiged by a series of concussions. The Tennessean reported Friday that senior forward Shelby Moats might not return this season after suffering his second concussion in practice in the past two…
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Big 12 Announces Concussion Diagnosis and Management Policy

The Big 12 Conference has announced its policy for concussion diagnosis and management in the care of all student-athletes. The policy, developed by team athletic trainers, physicians and medical support staff, was recently approved by the Big 12 Board of Directors. “The Big 12 is fully committed to the health and welfare of its student-athletes,”…
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