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Increasing the Risk of Legal Liability, Cause for Concern in Today’s Concussion Crisis

Non-school sports teams, particularly at the youth level, have always relied heavily on volunteerism. Many of us have coached our sons and daughters at one point or another, and the though of legal liability over a child being concussed never crossed our minds—until now.

Such is the case with some Oregon legislators who have concerns about Oregon Senate Bill 721, which expands the current law to include “youth sports teams that are unaffiliated with schools and gives responsibilities to youth coaches and umpires, who are often volunteers.”

Rep. Jason Conger of Bend, Oregon is one legislator “concerned about the unintended deterrent the law might create, reducing volunteerism by increasing the risk of legal liability.” Conger, an attorney, states, “When you set a standard in a statute … there’s a presumption of fault, if the standard is not met.”

Dan Gilbert, legislative counsel, took exception to Conger’s legal opinion, saying, “It will make it easier for coaches to know what they should be doing and give them legal cover if they acted properly.”

However, “Gilbert was unable to answer concerns about incidental coaches and umpires who may fill in for a game but do not regularly coach or referee games.”

To read more about this particular issue, go to –   http://bit.ly/1aoOO2f

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NATA Hall of Fame Honoree Addresses Various Subjects re: Player Health & Safety

NY Giants Vice President of medical services, Ronnie Barnes, recently commented on player health and safety in the league.

As a member of the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee, his passion is obvious. “I can contribute as someone practicing in the field. I bring my experiences in caring for athletes over the years.”

In relation to working with Giants President & CEO & Competition Committee member John Mara, having such a person within arms reach is a big advantage. ”Our medical staff and coaches can make John aware in real time of our concerns on issues that relate to a safer environment for players in the NFL.”

Emphasizing the player-athletic trainer relationship, he stated, “I view all of the players on our roster as my patients. My relationship with them is rooted in honesty, mutual respect, trust and transparency…When I establish a rapport with the athlete and earn his confidence, we can have open and honest discussions about his health care.”

More of this interview can be read at: http://bit.ly/14CltnP

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Minneapolis C4CT Conference to Cover the Latest on Traumatic Brain Injuries

The threesome of Amarantus BioScience, Inc. (AMBS), Brewer Sports International (BSI), and Toi Cook Management Group (TCMG) are combining resources to joint host the Coalition for Concussion Treatment (#C4CT) Concussion Awareness Conference in Minneapolis on June 19, 2013 at the Minneapolis Club. The coalition’s objective is to heighten the awareness of significant scientific and medical advances in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) treatment.

Upon being asked to comment on the importance of the conference, Gerald E. Commissiong, President and CEO of AMBS replied, “Traumatic Brain Injuries and their effects on amateur and professional football players are emerging as a rallying point to better understand the brain and how we can improve currently available methods to treat it. We are proud to be among the first to unite the groups directly affected by these issues, in particular current and former professional athletes, with the scientists, physicians and entrepreneurs who will ultimately lead the way in developing solutions to these devastating problems. We believe that by educating athletes on the basics of concussions, and what additional resources are needed to achieve certain critical steps on the road to better treating the brain, we will give all parties a chance to partake in this emerging field of medical research.”

Presentations and panel input will emphasize the following key areas of discussion:

(1) Understanding, scientifically, TBI and its long-term consequences

(2) Review of today’s medical practice and what physicians feel are the most important areas of unmet needs

(3) Translational models in current use and the additional tools required to accelerate research

(4) What innovative approaches are currently under consideration

Jack Brewer, CEO of BSI, points out, “When advising athletes, we frequently get the question of how to deal with concussions as well as the desire to better understand the issue at hand and how to help. As an ex-NFL player, I personally have experienced hundreds of violent collisions throughout my career and have several teammates and friends who suffer the lasting effects of Traumatic Brain Injury. This is a passion of mine and BSI is committed to helping advance TBI research and development. By providing educational opportunities such as the #C4CT Conference, it is our goal to enable those directly impacted to make informed decisions as well as provide tangible investment opportunities surrounding the advancement of research and treatment methods for concussions.”

An advisor to AMBS, Toi Cook, former NFL defensive back and Super Bowl champion, stated, “As a player representative for the entirety of my NFL career, my focus was the welfare and safety of the players. Although the current situation in professional sports regarding concussions is alarming and has raised serious issues, I am encouraged by the fact that we are all now much more aware of the problem and need for solutions. Now is the time to act, and through our work with partners like Amarantus and BSI and with conferences such as #C4CT, we can make a difference and impact lives while maintaining the integrity of sport.”

As with any cause, awareness can be the fuel to generate solutions to what is becoming, some think, an epidemic of significant proportions.That number of some 2,000 former and current NFLers who have sustained concussions is most likely to grow. What is not realistic to think is that you can put a stop to concussions. They are going to happen. But something can be done about how to best deal with the aftermath of such an injury.

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