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FHSAA Takes Steps to ‘Mitigate Risk (of Concussion) Monday through Thursday’

The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) announced earlier this week the implementation of procedures, which it hopes will limit live contact and improve player safety. The procedure goes into effect August 1, the first practice day of the 2016 season. During the regular season, live contact will be restricted to 30 minutes per day…
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Findings about Soccer and Concussions Venture to the Absurd

Not buying it. A study recently published by JAMA Pediatrics concluded that “although heading is the most common activity associated with concussions, the most frequent mechanism was athlete-athlete contact. Such information is needed to drive evidence-based, targeted prevention efforts to effectively reduce soccer-related concussions. Although banning heading from youth soccer would likely prevent some concussions,…
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Doctors Claim Genetic Test for Concussions Has Arrived

Determining susceptibility for concussions has arrived, according to a story making the rounds last week. Specifically, doctors at the Rochester (NY) Holistic Center noted that the SportSafe genetic swab test can help determine what variation of the APO E gene a child or adult carries. Those who carry the E4 variation of the gene may…
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