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Another College Football Player, Who Suffered Multiple Concussions, Dies

Lost amid the tragic news of the suicide of Kosta Karageorge, the former Ohio State University football player, and its potential connection to multiple concussions was another story that flew much further below the radar.

Former University of Richmond football player Kurt Schmitz, who had been an advocate for concussion safety, turned up dead the last weekend in November.KENTUCKY2010 068

Schmitz suffered had four concussions as a freshman, effectively ending his college career. Schmitz, reportedly, hid the first three concussions from the staff.

While the authorities do not expect the cause of death to be suicide, a coroner’s report is forthcoming.

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NFL Concussion Plaintiff Dies, Cause May be Unrelated to Concussions

Scott Ross, a former NFL player who was part of a lawsuit filed by former players over head trauma and concussions, died earlier this week. He was reportedly found dead in a church parking lot in Lafayette, La.

His aunt went online to say the cause of death was heart failure.

“I’ve watched my nephew Scott struggle over the years with injuries from football,” said . “(W)e all need to realize this is the tragedy story playing behind the scenes — the ones fallen from the spotlight — they are honored on the field and in death, BUT forgotten by the ‘NFL Leagues’ when they are no longer a resource. Scott is just one, but there are many — young minds with elderly dementia — the ‘ex-football’ players who now walk with canes and some need guardians. Forgotten ‘life’ of the tailgate party. Scott educated many and his problems pale in comparison to many ex players. Scott passed peacefully from heart failure… his body just gave out.”

Ross, 45, was a linebacker at USC, who was taken in the 11th round of the 1991 NFL draft by the New Orleans Saints. He appeared in four games with the team. In a 2012 lawsuit against the NFL and NFL Properties, he claimed that he had “sustained multiple repetitive traumatic impacts and concussions, for which he was never treated by a physician while he played in the NFL.” Further, he claimed he “suffers from severe memory loss, cognitive dementia, and, on information and belief, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (“CTE”), a condition caused by repetitive sub-concussive and/or concussive blows to the head.”

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Another High School Football Player Dies from a Head Injury, Questions Remain

Another high school football player has died  from a head injury he suffered in a game.

Charles Youvella was a wide receiver for Hopi Jr/Sr High School in Keams Canyon, Arizona. Youvella and his team  were playing Arizona Lutheran Academy in a playoff game on Saturday.

Youvella, a senior, reportedly suffered the head injury after he was tackled after catching a pass in the fourth quarter. But nobody noticed it, and he lined up for two more plays before collapsing on the field.

He was awake on the ride to St. Joseph’s Hospital, but soon thereafter lapsed into a coma.

Questions remain about whether Youvella had suffered previous concussions and whether he reported them? Also, did he exhibit any symptoms after suffering the catastrophic hit, which should have been caught?

Arizona was in the news earlier this year when the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) Executive Board voted to implement a recommendation from the AIA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), which would limit contact during football practice in the pre and regular seasons.

Association Executive Director Chuck Schmidt said at the time: “With so much information coming to light from the medical community, the AIA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee felt our policies should extend beyond officiated games in dealing with concussion prevention. Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our students so we are pleased with the Executive Board’s decision.”

The rule specifies that “no more than 1/2 of football practice be contact practice in the pre-season and no more than 1/3 of practice time be contact practice during the regular season. Contact is defined as padded athletes in contact with each other.”

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