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Judge Declines to Intervene in Case Involving Football Player

(Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt of a case summary that appeared in the December issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter. For this summary and the case citation and many others like it, consider subscribing to the Reporter at https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/subscribe/) A federal judge has declined to reopen the claim of a former professional football player,…
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A New Lawsuit Seeking NFL Neurocognitive Disability Benefits Highlights the Adverse Impact of Subconcussive Hits Regularly Experienced by Linemen

(Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from a piece written by attorney Richard C. Giller for the November issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter. To see the rest of the story, please subscribe to CLR at https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/subscribe/) By Richard C. Giller, Esq. Last month, former NFL offensive lineman Darryl Ashmore filed a lawsuit in U.S.…
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Kevin Turner Is in ‘Dire’ Situation

Kevin Turner, who has been a catalyst for change in how the public views the consequences of concussions on the football field, is near the end of his battle with the incurable disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. A Washington Post story this week described Turner’s predicament as follows: “Turner’s mind is sound — his…
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