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Concussion Forum to be Held in New Jersey on Tuesday

NJ Spine and Wellness will present a lecture about the latest findings about concussions, identification of symptoms and proper management for parents, coaches, athletic trainers and directors. Entitled “2016 Central Jersey Concussion Forum,” the free lecture s offered on June 14th from 6-8pm at the Battleground Country Club in Manalapan.

Insights will be given by Kevin Saum, the creator of Heads ‘N Tails and Dr. Christine Greiss, MD, traumatic brain injury specialist and concussion program director at JFK Hospital, Johnson Rehabilitation Institute.

“This is an important forum that all parents of athletes, coaches and trainers should attend,” said Dr. Peter Bufano, D.C. of NJ Spine and Wellness. “In my experience, a concussion may not always be easily diagnosed and symptoms can occur months or even years after the event. This makes it difficult for family members, trainers and doctors to connect the dots and provide the correct treatment to this form of brain trauma. All of those who care about the athletes in the care should come to our Central Jersey Concussion Forum and engage with the speakers on hand.”

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