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ImPACT Selected by New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal to Support Head Injury Prevention Program

ImPACT Applications, Inc., developer of the ImPACT® test and ImPACT Concussion Management Model, has announced a partnership with New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR), provider of property and casualty insurance programs for New York State public schools and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), to introduce “a comprehensive” Head Injury Prevention Program.

The Head Injury Prevention Program is designed to help subscriber school districts manage student athlete injuries and train faculty and staff to recognize, respond to and prevent school-sports-related concussions. NYSIR’s program utilizes ImPACT for neurocognitive baseline and post-injury concussion testing and to educate athletic directors, trainers, coaches, physical education instructors and school nurses on concussion management.

ImPACT testing and training is currently being phased in by NYSIR and by the end of February, NYSIR plans to have the Head Injury Prevention Program in every subscriber school district—over 350 New York public school districts altogether.  School sports covered by NYSIR’s agreement with ImPACT will include football, basketball, diving, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, cheerleading, field hockey, wrestling and alpine skiing.

“For 26 years,” notes NYSIR President Carleen Millsaps, “we have been a leading insurer of New York’s public schools. The ImPACT-NYSIR partnership is a giant leap forward in our endeavors to continually provide programs and services that protect our subscribers’ student athletes, and a positive step in the education of school officials and staff about the risks of sports related head injuries.”

“ImPACT is honored to partner with NYSIR in its Head Injury Protection Program,” says Michael Wahlster, Chief Executive Officer of ImPACT Applications. “The organization is leading a national trend where innovative insurers recognize the important role they can play in helping subscribers implement an end-to-end concussion management program.”

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ASTM International Standardizes Headgear for Women’s Lacrosse

ASTM International published today a standard for protective headgear for women’s lacrosse players. Experts from the lacrosse community, the medical field, the biomechanics industry and product testing laboratories collaborated on the standard (F3137, Specification for Headgear Used in Women’s Lacrosse).

Ann Carpenetti, vice president of US Lacrosse Operations, says, “This may be a benchmark moment in the continued evolution of girls’ and women’s lacrosse, especially as it relates to increased safety for all game participants.”

The ASTM standard resulted from a decision by US Lacrosse to standardize headgear for the women’s game. Men’s and women’s lacrosse are treated as two distinct sports, with the full-body contact that is part of the men’s game requiring the use of headgear. However, intentional stick or body contact is considered illegal in the women’s game, thus headgear has always been optional for women.

Carpenetti, co-chair of ASTM Subcommittee F08.31 on Women’s Lacrosse Equipment, notes that US Lacrosse rules never stated that wearing headgear reduces the risk of head injuries, leading to a need for the specification.

“Without an evidence-based standard that demonstrates the product was developed and tested to address specific impacts most frequently seen in the game, the benefits and risks to those players wearing headgear are, at best, unknown,” says Carpenetti.

“The standard was developed to allow for optional use and to ensure that players opting not to wear headgear would not be injured by players who choose to wear protective headgear,” says Carpenetti. The optional status may be re-evaluated once the women’s lacrosse community begins to see F3137-compliant headgear in action. At this time, no rulemaking bodies are planning to mandate the use of F3137 headgear.

Product manufacturers designing headgear will be the primary users of the standard. Carpenetti expects that helmets meeting the standard may be available for purchase in about 18 months.

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Court Weighs Recklessness Standard in Concussion Case involving School District and Coach

(Editor’s note: When the July issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter hits on Monday, the following case summary, summarized here, will be featured in its totality.)

A state court has delivered a small victory to a former high school field hockey player, who sued her coach and the school after the defendants allegedly mishandled a concussion she suffered, leading to multiple concussions.file000726425941

Specifically, the court denied the defendants’ motion for judgment , which was premised on their argument that the plaintiff assumed the risk of injury.

The incidents leading to the litigation occurred several years ago when the plaintiff was a high school junior and a member of the school’s varsity field hockey team. The other defendant was the head coach, a paid employee of the school.

The plaintiff was competing in a game when she was hit in the head by a field hockey ball and suffered a head injury and/or a concussion. The coach, allegedly,did not attempt to determine whether she had suffered a concussion or other injury and did not remove her from the game. At no time during or after the game did he ask her if she had any symptoms related to the head injury or communicate the nature of the injury to her parents, the school’s athletic director or school nurse, or any medical professional, according to the complaint.

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