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Court Closes the Door on Concussed Plaintiff’s Claim, Dismissing with Prejudice

A federal judge from the has once again dismissed the claim of a former high school soccer player, who after being rebuffed twice before by the court, failed in a third bid to hold a school district and individual defendants liable for the concussion she suffered. The player/plaintiff argued in the latest complaint that the…
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Soccer Coach Uses Lighter Soccer Balls During Heading Practice

A high school soccer coach recently discussed his new practice of using lighter or underinflated soccer balls as a way to minimize the risk of concussion and other traumatic brain injuries. The boys’ soccer coach for The Shipley School, Thom Schauerman, told mainlinemedianews.com that he “started using lighter balls or deflating balls when we do…
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Federal Judge Finds for School District, Others in Concussion Case

(Editor’s Note: What follows is a brief excerpt from a case summary in the June 2015 Concussion Litigation Reporter. For more details on the case and numerous others, please subscribe at https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/subscribe/) A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit of a high school student athlete in a case that tested the limits to which public…
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