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Former NFL Players Continue to Push for Removal of Marijuana from Banned List

In what is rapidly beoming a question of when rather than if, the movement by former and current football players to have Marijuana removed from the banned drug list continues to pick up steam. An article in The Guardian recently looked at the movement, quoting former player Nate Jackson as saying the following: “I feel…
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National Media Challenges Professional and Amateur Sports over Its Ban on Marijuana

“The NFL Should Be Investing In Marijuana Research If It Wants To Survive” “Football Still Doesn’t Get Marijuana” Two headlines on the national stage in the span of a few days are calling out the NFL and NCAA over its ban on Marijuana. The first, written by sports industry executive Jason Belzer for Forbes.com notes…
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Another Former NFL Player Says Pot Use Up Among Players, in Part to Treat Concussions

Another former NFL player has spoken out on the issue of Marijuana use among players in the NFL. Former Atlanta Falcon Jamal Anderson told Mike Freeman, the lead NFL writer for Beacher Report the following about the prevalence of pot use. “It’s at least 60 percent now,” Anderson said. “That’s bare minimum. That’s because players today…
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