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XLNTbrain Taps Former NFL Offensive Lineman Tony Mandarich as Spokesperson

XLNTbrain has secured former NFL offensive lineman Tony Mandarich to speak on behalf of the sports concussion management system during the College Football Playoff National Championship Game on Monday, January 11, 2016 during a radio interview tour leading up to the kickoff. According to Steve Lewis, CEO of XLNTbrain, Mandarich provides an authentic, transparency to the…
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Triax Becomes First Company to Gain Hit Count® Certification for Soccer, Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse and Other Sports

The Sports Legacy Institute (SLI), a non-profit concussion education, advocacy and research organization, has announced that sports technology company Triax’s SIM device is the first head impact sensor device to pass every Hit Count® Certification category. The Triax SIM device can track an athlete’s Hit Count® in helmets for football, ice hockey, and men’s lacrosse, as…
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