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NCAA, NFHS Fire Back at Mississippi Plaintiff

The NCAA is arguing that a concussion law passed in the state of Mississippi may void a lawsuit brought by a Mississippi father, who filled a class-action lawsuit on behalf of his son against the NCAA and National Federation of High Schools.

Plaintiff Alvin Jobe alleged that the NCAA and NFHS should be held responsible for failing to certify that high schools have concussion management plans.

The defendants contend that the case should be dismissed in part because Mississippi was the last state to pass a concussion bill on January of this year, meaning there was not a standard of care in place.

“The Mississippi legislature always existed as the appropriate forum to achieve this change in public policy regarding concussions, and the legislature acted in January with the adoption of the (Mississippi Youth Concussion Act),” the NCAA wrote.

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Mississippi House of Representatives Passes Concussion Law

The Mississippi House of Representatives has passed a concussion bill that will set protocols for dealing with young athletes, who show symptoms of a concussion.

House Bill 48 provides that an athlete who reports or shows symptoms or signs of a concussion must be removed from a practice or game for at least one day and wouldn’t be allowed to return to practice or competition until cleared by a health provider.

Mississippi is the last state in the country without a youth concussion law.

Sen. Brice Wiggins, R-Pascagoula, introduced a similar bill in the Senate chambers, which would require any public or private schools that have youth athletic programs to adopt a concussion management and return to play policy.

“This puts into law what’s kind of already going on in the state, a protocol for concussion injuries,” Wiggins told  the Clarion-Ledger. “Research shows that if you allow a child to sit out before returning to play … it’s the best thing for them health wise.”



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