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Concussion Training Extends to School Nurses in Rhode Island

A Rhode Island state law requires that school nurses must also take concussion training.

The legislation was sponsored by State Rep. Raymond E. Gallison, Jr.and State Sen. Walter S. Felag, Jr.

Gallison said in a statement: “Our goal is to help identify concussions whenever they occur, and since kids spend so much of their time in school, there’s an excellent chance the school nurse will be the person faced with determining whether a student is suffering a concussion.”

For Felag, the issue is personal, since his son suffered two concussions playing high school football.

He said in statement: “Kids, especially student-athletes, are often reluctant to admit they’re suffering an injury because they know it could keep them off the field. For that reason, even those who feel the effects of a concussion might try to avoid getting treatment until the problems become overwhelming. We want to make sure school nurses, as well as coaches and other adults, are kept up-to-date on the latest information about concussions so they are always as equipped as possible to recognize when kids are suffering concussions.”

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