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Targeting Calls Are Working for the SEC

In a teleconference with the media, Steve Shaw, head of officials with the Southeastern Conference, said the enforcement of targeting offenses is working for the conference.

Over the first four weeks of the season, there have been three targeting calls, all of which have been upheld.refs-150x150

“I think our guys are really paying attention,” Shaw said on the call. “The coaches are doing a great job, and our officials are staying on point on this. Really, I think the rule is working.”

The comment reinforced what Shaw said in the pre-season that he sees “evidence of players lowering the target and sometimes pulling up on an unnecessary hit so they’re not at risk for a targeting disqualification. The rule has done what we wanted to do and we need to stay with it.”

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Football Rules Committee Adjusts Targeting Rule

The NCAA has announced that its Football Rules Committee proposed an alteration involving the instant-replay review on targeting fouls during its Feb. 11-12 meeting in Indianapolis, which includes the ejection of the player committing the foul along with a 15-yard penalty.

Last season, the targeting rule was implemented and any player committing the penalty would be ejected and his team assessed a 15-yard penalty.

The committee recommended that if the instant replay official rules that a disqualification should not have occurred, and if the targeting foul is not accompanied by another personal foul, the 15-yard penalty for targeting should not be enforced.

However, if the targeting foul is committed in conjunction with another personal foul, the 15-yard penalty for that personal foul remains.  For example, if a player is called for roughing the passer and targeting the head and neck area, but the instant replay official rules that targeting did not occur,  the player flagged would remain in the game, but the roughing the passer penalty would still be enforced.

All rules proposals must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which will discuss the football rules changes March 6. The proposed changes are being circulated for membership comment.

“Overall, the targeting rule was successful and has had the intended impact of making play safer,” said Troy Calhoun, head coach at the Air Force Academy and chair of the committee, which met Monday through Thursday in Indianapolis. “This alteration keeps the intent of the rule, but allows replay to correct all of the consequences from a rare missed call.”

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NFL Gets Tough, Suspends Safety for Targeting Head and Neck Area of Defenseless Players

Bad enough that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their first two games of the season on last second field goals.

Now they have lost their prized free agent pickup from the off-season — safety Dashon Goldson — for their next game against the New England Patriots

Goldson was suspended without pay for one game yesterday for a flagrant and repeat violation of NFL safety rules prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players.

The suspension, which was imposed by NFL Vice President of Football Operations Merton Hanks, means Goldson also may not practice this week with the team, or participate in any football activities with the team.

Goldson was penalized for unnecessary roughness in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints for making direct, helmet-to-helmet contact with a defenseless receiver. 

The violation was Goldson’s fifth for unnecessary roughness since 2011 and his second in the first two weeks of the 2013 season.  Goldson was fined $30,000 last week for striking a defenseless player in the head and neck area in the Buccaneers’ Week 1 game against the New York Jets.

“You had an unobstructed path to your opponent,” Hanks wrote in a letter to Goldson informing him of the suspension.  “It is clear that you lowered your head and unnecessarily rammed the left side of your helmet into the left side of your opponent’s head.  You delivered a forceful blow with your helmet and made no attempt whatsoever to wrap up your opponent or make a conventional tackle on the play.  This illegal contact clearly could have been avoided.”

Bucs Head Football Coach Greg Schiano said Goldson is trying to do better.

“Dashon is trying to do the right thing,” Schiano said. “He’s just got to lower his target point. Now sometimes the point moves while your going to hit so that means you have to go even lower still. He’s certainly is trying. It’s not one of those, ‘oh, I don’t care.’ He’s very aware and trying.

“By the same token, I want our guys to play hard and I don’t think anybody is trying to intentionally do that. So we just have to be more and more aware of that situation and make sure we avoid that as much as we can.”



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