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Personal Injury Attorney Takes Novel Approach, Establishes $1,000 Scholarship for Student With Severe Head Trauma

Bressman Law, a Columbus, OH-based law firm, has created a $1,000 scholarship that is “designed to heighten public awareness of the challenges American youth face following traumatic brain injuries.

“This scholarship will lend financial hope for a bright future to one deserving U.S. student,” according to the firm

David Bressman added that “in the wake of such a severe trauma, it is often possible to lose sight of future goals and become overwhelmed with all that life has thrown at you. We see people every day with determination and perseverance, and it is this strength that has moved us to create this opportunity. Our goal is to support the individuals living with brain injuries in moving forward with higher education while educating ourselves and our community of what it is like to persist through such difficult circumstances.”

The firm noted that the scholarship “is intended for a student enrolled or already accepted into an accredited college in the United States. Applicants must detail how the head injury was sustained, how life has been affected, the obstacles encountered, and future plans to persevere.

“Our goal is to become that first, small glimmer of light that illuminates the path to a successful future through education,” said Bressman.

To learn more about the scholarship or to download an application, visit www.Bressmanlaw.com/Scholarship.

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Attorney Believes Findings of CTE Symptoms in Living NFL Players Will Impact Litigation

A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer believes that the findings from a pilot study out of the University of California Los Angeles that signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) reside in the brains of living former NFL players “is a major breakthrough for players searching for a means to diagnose CTE while they’re still alive and could be a watershed moment for ex-players suing the league (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas #120900326) for their concussion-related injuries.”

Attorney Richard P. Console Jr. of Console & Hollawell wrote that “proving the existence of injuries is at the heart of any personal injury claim. Confirming the presence of CTE was only thought possible at autopsy, which was a major hurdle for players to get over in pursuing their claims against the NFL. If this new research is reliable, living ex-players could have an easier path to showing how the league’s alleged negligence contributed to their conditions.”

CTE is a neurodegenerative disease that displays symptoms similar to dementia, including changes in mood, aggressive behavior, memory loss, and depression. Repeated blows to the head cause a buildup of tau proteins in the brain, which leads to the development of the disease. UCLA researchers noted that these proteins constrict brain cells effectively killing them or causing significant alterations. Brain scans conducted on living former players reportedly showed concentrations of tau protein in areas consistent with those found in the brains of deceased NFL players at autopsy. Doctors found evidence of CTE in the brains of several players who committed suicide in recent years, including Chargers linebacker Junior Seau and Falcons safety Ray Easterling.

Console added that more test results are necessary before considering the research reliable in a courtroom setting.

“What you don’t want is evidence or medical testimony that’s easily contested,” he said. “While players may want to jump on this research as a Holy Grail type moment for them, it’s still early in the process. More tests are necessary before we can consider the tests reliable. These early results are certainly encouraging for the players who are suffering, but we need to see more than five tests on five living players.”

The ESPN story reporting on the study’s findings can be found at: http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/8867972/ucla-study-finds-signs-cte-living-former-nfl-players-first-time

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Attorney Secures Settlement for Bicyclist Who Suffered Concussion

Personal injury attorney Justin McMinn of the McMinn Law Firm in Austin, Texas has settled a personal injury case earlier this month on behalf of a client who was struck while riding his bicycle and suffered a concussion. The case settled for the defendant’s car insurfile000347529420ance policy limits.

According to settlement documents for the case, McMinn’s client was riding his bicycle in the far right lane of an Austin street when the defendant struck him from behind, throwing him into the air and onto the defendant’s windshield. The injured man was then tossed onto the pavement and eventually came to a stop. Police and EMS found him unconscious and transported him to a local emergency room.

The settlement documents go on to say that the Austin Police Department found the defendant 100 percent responsible for the accident, issuing her a citation for “unsafe movement right.”

At the hospital, McMinn’s client was diagnosed with an acute subdural hematoma, a concussion, multiple lacerations to the head and abrasions all over his body. In the following months, he was treated in several facilities for rehab and therapy for injuries sustained in the accident.

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